Acme AXL GREASE Pomade - 4oz

                          Acme AXL GREASE Pomade

Acme AXL GREASE Pomade is a blend of selected premium styling, conditioning, shining and texture enhancing ingrediants to produce a high quality hair Pomade that is completely water soluble. ACME Axl Grease DOES NOT contain ALCOHOL, so there is NO flaking, NO grease, NO residue, NO buildup! Apply to much Axl Grease and it rinses clean with plain water! 

ACME Axl Grease does not break down, dilute and run during high adreneline sports activities or during any type of active lifestyles and it maintains longevity!

ACME Axl Grease is great for creating the very popular,"Natural Messy Look" because it provides the right amount of texture

EASY Application: Simply skim a small amount onto your fingers then rub your fingers together and apply to your hair! *When molding the hair,distribute Axl Grease evenly!

GREAT for ALL hair types, ALL age groups, Both genders and it has a very appealing, light Tropical scent!

USES: Shaping, Molding, Flipping,Twisting, Spiking and Sculpting

ACME Axl Grease Pomade is designed,manufactured & packaged in a glossy black, 4oz container...right here in:


Acme AXL GREASE Pomade - 4oz
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