Champkom LineUP CLEAR Shaving Gel - 32oz W/Pump

CHAMPKOM Labs has developed a NEW Clear Shaving Gel....LineUP!

LineUP was developed by blending premium ingedients to produce a CLEAR shaving gel that can be used by both genders and for all types of RAZOR hair removal! LineUP Clear Shave Gel allows you to be more confident by having control with RAZOR shaving regardless whether its a small or large area. CHAMPKOM LineUP CLEAR Shaving Gel is designed to allow a clear view your shaving area and it also prepares the hair for smooth shaving, conditions the skin and hair and lubricates the shaving blade.

No more thick heavy white foams, No more waxy thick paste, No more oily white creams to block your vision!

CHAMPKOM LineUP is ONLY available in the 32oz w/pump which gives the gel longevity by giving you ONLY the amount of gel you need so there is less waste and no more drying gel!

TIP for GREAT shave experience: Before and after using LineUP, soak a clean terry cloth towel with WARM/HOT water, Squeeze excess and place on the face for 3-5 minutes! Feels like the "CLASSIC OLD TIME BARBER" Shave!


CHAMPKOM LineUP Shaving Gel - 32oz
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