Champkom ORANGE CRUSH - 18oz

CHAMPKOM ORANGE CRUSH Cement Strong Premium Hair Styling Gel!

Orange Crush is designed and engineered for extra to extreme strong hold and longevity!

Plus it's manufactured, produced and packaged in sunny, Southern California!

Manufactured like ALL Champkom premium products, without ALCOHOL or ALCOHOL based chemicals which cause flaking,dryness and damage hair! Also attracts dirt which then causes greasy hair!

Orange Crush is water based so it can be rinsed with plain water and it has a light tropical/citrus scent!

NO Alcohol, NO FlakingNO Residue, NO Grease, NO Buildup!

Great for ALL hair types, ALL age groups and Both genders!

USES: shaping, sculpting, spiking, moulding and twisting. 

"We've got your CRUSH"....The All NEW ORANGE CRUSH"


Orange Crush Cement Strong Premium Hair Styling Gel - 18oz
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  • Manufacturer: CHAMPKOM
  • Condition: New
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